Hi. I’m Still Here!

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That’s about the longest I’ve gone without posting, and I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been so successfully cranking away on Sunborn. And while indeed I have been working on Sunborn, it’s been slow progress. Life has been very … Read More

It’s Been a Year

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Omigosh, I just realized, it’s been one year to the day since I started this blog! (You can see for yourself. Just scroll to the end. That’s how I discovered it.) It’s been a fast year. A lot of new … Read More

One More Thing!

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I almost forgot! My name’s on that New Horizons spacecraft! Literally. As a member of The Planetary Society, I am among the thousands whose names are inscribed on a CD carried on the New Horizons craft. The reason is that … Read More

Astronomy in the News

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What a great time to be alive, if you’re interested in space! Today, NASA successfully launched the New Horizons mission to Pluto. Apparently everything is working perfectly, and tonight at 11:00 p.m. EST, the spacecraft will whiz past the Moon. … Read More

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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I know I haven’t been present here much lately, but life’s been busy and I’ve been working on Sunborn and doing a little bit of promotion for Galactica. But today seems like a good and important day to check back … Read More

Happy 2006!

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It’s happened again. Christmas has come and gone*, and it’s a new year. 2006. I feel as if I’m in some kind of a time warp, and the world is whipping around me faster and faster and faster. *Unless you’re … Read More

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