Ultra-Condensed SF/F

I’m just going to quote my friend Rich today, who sent me this link: This is a helpful site for those of us who no longer have time to read science fiction: http://rinkworks.com/bookaminute/sff.shtml I particularly liked the condensed Robert Jordan. … Read More

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

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The writing retreat was fabulous. I got more writing done per day there than I had been getting done in a long time at home, and that’s on top of spending time out hiking and enjoying sand, wind, and sea … Read More

Writing Retreat

Wow. There’s nothing like getting away from the daily grind and sitting in a beautiful location. Near the ocean. Fire in a fireplace. Peace and solitude. (The jacuzzi turned out to be at another place, where I am not; but … Read More

This & That

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I’ve been intending to post on several topics over the last week, but just haven’t had a chance. So let me now say “Bravo!” to the members of Congress—especially those Republicans who had the courage to buck their own party—who … Read More

Fuel Efficient Cars

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Apropos of the discussion of oil and drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, today’s email brought a message from the Union of Concerned Scientists,* concerning a public comment period on proposed new government regulations on fuel standards for vehicles. There’s … Read More

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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The Good In case you haven’t heard, this is National Novel Writing Month. A group called NaNoWriMo.org exists to spur people on to write their long-delayed novels in just one month—this month—during National Novel Writing Month (which is really an … Read More

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