Google’s Display of Pages

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I went as Tim suggested to I had no idea Google was doing this, though it appears pretty similar to what has been doing for a while. I have no fully formed opinion on the matter, but my … Read More

Tim was asking which of my books I think has the best movie potential. The short answer is: all of them. But I suppose you’d rather have the longer answer. I thought so. Well, I have long felt that Star … Read More

Which Book, Which Book?

Okay, I haven’t actually abandoned this blog, though you might be forgiven for wondering. Just had a really busy week, is all. So, my last entry netted a number of questions, which I’m now going to take a shot at … Read More

Write SF

Some years ago, I created an online course in SF and fantasy writing, aimed primarily at high school and middle school students, called Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy. It was published on CD by a company called MathSoft, and eventually … Read More

Hurricane Katrina and America

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I haven’t written anything until now about the disastrous hurricane and the terrible aftermath because, truthfully, I didn’t know what to say about this horrific event that others haven’t already said better. But I received an email from an SF … Read More

Blog Scum

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My last blog entry generated more than a dozen spam comments, most of them probably deposited by blog-prowling robot programs. Thank you, you jerks, for trying to ruin something that other people are supposed to enjoy. Following advice from Blogspot, … Read More

. . . and I’m Taking the Cat

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Okay, I’ve survived a month of house guests (hi! very nice house guests!), home renovation, a new back yard construction project dreamed up by my wife and her dad, children who want to stay up all night “writing” (read, playing … Read More

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