Panglor by Jeffrey A. CarverBlackmailed!

Wrongly discredited as a space pilot, Panglor Balef is doomed to die in space, if sheer luck doesn’t bring him through. But luck has never been in Panglor’s cards. Bad enough to be coerced into a mission of murder and suicide, he must also contend with Alo—a young woman, stowaway, and impossible companion.

Neither of them, nor his empathic ou-ralot, could possibly anticipate the journey through space-time they are about to embark on, through a door to an insane reality from which there is almost certainly no return. It could be the discovery of the millennium, but the only way home is to journey even further into the heart of madness.

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A prequel to the Star Rigger Universe. Ebook and audiobook are based on the revised 1996 Tor edition.

Print Editions

  • Dell paperback, 1980
  • Revised for Tor edition, 1996, ISBN: 0-812-53446-8


“An original and very charming novel, with a particularly unusual protagonist.” —Publishers Weekly

“An interesting and different novel… a fun read.” —Future Life