Happy Easter!

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Late as usual, and therefore in a time-machinely manner, I’d like to wish everyone the best for Easter and Passover! No other message tonight. But I’ll be back!

Cool Science in Discover Magazine

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On a more cheerful note, the April and May issues of Discover Magazine have some interesting articles on cool science and technology. (The links below will mostly just get you to teasers, unless you can sign in as a subscriber, … Read More

Attack Iran? The Final Insanity?

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(I was planning to write next about an issue that is causing me to sharply criticize my Democratic senators, whom I have been supporting for years. That will have to wait.) A couple of days ago, a friend asked me … Read More

Hi Again!

Well, it has been a long gap in my postings. I wish I could say it’s because I’ve had my head deep in the world of Sunborn, but the truth is, it’s because tax return time is upon us and … Read More

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