Strange Attractors by Jeffrey A. Carver, Starstream edition

A ship full of worlds!

For John Bandicut, Earth is but a memory. Stranded at the edge of the galaxy in a structure populated with beings from a thousand worlds, Bandicut finds unexpected friends—only to be caught up in a cascade of forces that threaten the Shipworld itself. Confronting an entity known as the boojum, Bandicut discovers greater peril than ever in his journey into the unknown. From the Nebula-nominated author of Eternity’s End.

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from Starstream Publications, with an afterword by the author

Strange Attractors is also available as part of the omnibus collection, The Chaos Chronicles: Books 1-3 

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Print editions

  • Starstream Publications trade paperback 2019, ISBN: 978-1-61138-802-2
  • Tor hardcover 1995, ISBN: 0-312-85641-5
  • Tor paperback 1996, ISBN: 0-812-53516-2
  • German edition from Bastei Lubbe
  • Portuguese edition from Publicacoes Europa-America


“A dazzling, thrilling, innovative space opera…probably Carver’s best effort to date.” —Kirkus Reviews

“An irresistibly readable story line reinforced by fascinating speculative science. Readers who come this far will be hooked for the series’ duration.” —Booklist

“Carver’s latest novel showcases his own fertile imagination and his talent for creating a host of engagingly sympathetic characters.” —Library Journal

“Carver is at his rousing best in this wild ride into the heart of an enigmatic world beyond the Milky Way. This is science fiction out at the frontier. Maybe beyond the frontier.” —Jack McDevitt