Dragons in the Stars by Jeffrey A. CarverDragons in space?

A preposterous legend. But when star pilot Jael defies an abusive ship’s master and rigs “the mountain route” through the hyperdimensional Flux, the dragons indeed appear—and challenge her to duel. If she escapes, she would be wise never to return. But the currents of the Flux are fickle, and when fate steers her this way again, she finds Highwing the dragon under sentence of death for the kindness he showed her. Only Jael can intervene—and so she must, for the sake of one who risked his life to save hers.

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In the chronology of the Star Rigger future history, this is the second book, following Panglor. It can be read on its own, and requires no knowledge from the earlier book. Dragon Rigger is a sequel to this book.

Also available (in ebook) in Dragon Space: A Star Rigger Omnibus.

Print Editions

  • Starstream Publications paperback, 2021, ISBN: 978-1-951612-29-0
  • Tor paperback, 1992, ISBN: 0-812-53303-8
  • Science Fiction Book Club hardcover, 1992


“Carver writes powerfully and clearly and has produced a book that is likely to find an audience among hard SF readers.” —Booklist

“An interesting and entertaining blend of genres.” —Science Fiction Chronicle