The Infinity Link by Jeffrey A. CarverAncient alien travelers. Hopeless love. Astonishing encounter.

Mozelle Moi’s life turns into a flight of fear and astounding discovery, as she becomes enmeshed in a secret government project to make first contact with visitors from the stars. Caught in a telepathic link with the Talenki voyagers, Mozy’s personal odyssey will soon be entwined with the fate of all of Humanity.

Combining visionary scientific speculation with passionate human characters, The Infinity Link is an epic work of transcendent science fiction and an exploration into the very nature of humanity.

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Print Editions

  • Starstream Publications trade paperback (planned)
  • Bluejay Books, hardcover, 1984
  • Tor paperback, 1985
  • Science Fiction Book Club selection, 1985


“A long, ambitious work, painted on a canvas as big as the solar system. The concept itself is even larger–the eventual linkup of various intelligent life forms of our galaxy, including humans, whales and several alien races. Carver carefully sets up his story and develops it in a meticulous fashion…it works very well.” —Publishers Weekly

“A complex, rich, and satisfying novel.” —Fantasy Review

“A satisfying and rewarding visionary experience.” —Analog

“A rich novel of immense scope, with the most detailed and brilliant descriptive passages of empathic and telepathic communication. Highly recommended.” —SF and Fantasy Reviews

“A book I just couldn’t put down. Murder, mystery, suspense, romance and love—The Infinity Linkhas it all.” —Taxi Globe