Over the years, I’ve done some speaking and narration, some of which is available online. Without actually coming to hear me at a convention, this is about the closest I can get here to letting you “meet” me in person. But see also this listing of interviews of me, conducted by others.

This video is a trailer produced by Skyboat Media for the audiobook of Neptune Crossing, narrated by the Grammy and Hugo-winning Stefan Rudnicki. Enjoy!

My next offering is a video narration (by me) adapted from the prologue of my novel Sunborn:

Video Narration of Sunborn

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View directly on YouTube.

This is a project I put together for Lydia Fair, a benefit arts happening sponsored by the Greater Boston Vineyard (now the Reservoir Church) in April, 2009. Adam Guzewicz provided the video and musical wizardry. Images are courtesy of various NASA web sites, and represent photos from a variety of NASA observatories.

Sunborn Video Review

This is a review by Bria Burton of the audiobook of Sunborn. It was set to video by PatZi of Joy on Paper. Watch on Facebook.

YouTube Channel

See some of my other video oddities, including the launch of space shuttle Atlantis and my flight on a Stearman biplane, on my YouTube channel.

Podcasts on Writing

In the summer of 2009, I appeared as a guest lecturer at the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop, where I spoke on the importance of story structure. Listen to an excerpt from that talk in this Odyssey podcast (click to stream, or right-click to download). And here’s an earlier talk on characterization. While you’re at it, check out their list of talks by other guest authors.


For a list of my professionally produced audiobooks, see my Audiobooks page.

Homespun Audio

With the publication of Sunborn, I began a project to record the book in its entirety for download as a podcast. However, the project proved too time-consuming, and I dropped it to get back to writing.

Here’s the opening prologue (used in edited form in the video above) and chapter one, in mp3 audio.

Click to play, or right-click to download.

Intro and bumper music excerpted from pieces by Jonn Serrie and Derek R. Audette. Used with permission.