I’m Jeffrey A. Carver, creator of The Chaos Chronicles, the Star Rigger Universe, and other science fiction worlds. Writer wandering the heavens. Welcome!

Now available!

Neptune Crossing audiobook by Grammy-winning narrator Stefan Rudnicki. (If you have the Kindle ebook, you get the Audible edition with Whispersync for a sizable discount!)
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Why I Love Science Fiction

As a young reader, I was passionate about the wonder of the planets and stars, and humanity’s future among them. To me, the greatest adventure conceivable was to explore the universe. Now, as a writer, I see the same possibilities, multiplied.

Imagine human cultures of the future, or of a different past or present. See alien worlds, through alien eyes, without having to wait for a ticket on an actual starship. Explore the human soul and scientific possibilities, question the nature of reality, and wrestle with the light and lightning of God.

Science fiction, for me, is a high dive into a world of infinite possibilities, a ticket to the best ride in the best amusement park in the universe. That’s the kind of ride I hope to give you when you open one of my books.

Forthcoming: The Reefs of Time!

My most recent published novel is Sunborn, Book Four of The Chaos Chronicles. The next volume, The Reefs of Time, is now essentially complete and going through final revisions in consultation with my editor. (See the progress bar for updates.) This book has been a major creative challenge; it took me more than ten years instead of the year or two it was supposed to take. But now hope (and the patience of my loyal readers) have been rewarded! Keep an eye out here for updates as it goes through editing and production. [Latest update]

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