Dragon Rigger by Jeffrey A. CarverA realm at war.

The star dragons struggle under the oppression of a terrible power—one that’s intent upon twisting space-time itself into a web of subjugation and death. According to prophecy, One will come from outside to challenge the darkness. Star pilot Jael may be that One. But if the prophecy is true, the price of victory over the darkness will be Jael’s own life.

Includes Map of the Realm, from the original print edition.

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Sequel to Dragons in the Stars. Also available in Dragon Space: A Star Rigger Omnibus ebook.

Print Editions

  • Starstream Publications trade paperback 2022, ISBN: 978-1-951612-30-6
  • Tor hardcover 1993, ISBN: 0-312-85061-1
  • Tor paperback 1994, ISBN: 0-812-53323-2


“There is immense verve, energy, momentum, and power…the reader stays with Carver all the way.” —Thomas A. Easton, Analog

“A refreshingly unique setting and excellently realized characters.” —Publishers Weekly