I’ve been writing professionally for over forty years, and I like to think I’ve learned a few things during that time. My students probably hope so, too. I’ve taught writing or led workshops in a variety of settings, ranging from educational television for school classrooms, to conferences for writers young and old, to classrooms at M.I.T., to my own Ultimate Science Fiction Writing workshop series (with Craig Shaw Gardner). Over the course of my teaching “career,” I’ve had the pleasure of watching some terrific talent develop, with the occasional nudge from me.

Here I’ve gathered some short pieces I’ve written over the years—some in response to questions from readers, others because I felt like it. And then there’s my completely free online course for the new writer, which grew out of the fundamentals I covered in the TV broadcasts, and later in a spin-off computer-based course.

  • A Bit of Advice — A few short pieces on the craft, art, and business of writing (and publishing) for the aspiring writer.
  • More Thoughts on Writing — Thoughts pieces, essays, blog posts. More general interest.
  • Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy — A free online course for new writers, emphasizing the fundamentals of storytelling. For writers of all ages. No signup required.
  • Teaching — Some of the teaching I do in person from time to time.