There are currently eighteen novels bearing my name (the last two just published!), two ebook collections of short stories, and two ebook omnibus editions gathering multiple novels under one cover. I’ll break them down for you here by series, universe, etc. These books were originally published by Tor, Bantam, Dell, the Science Fiction Book Club, and other publishers. Most of them are now available from Starstream Publications, in association with Book View Cafe. You can also see them in order of publication.

The Chaos Chronicles

Volumes 1-3 are gathered together in the ebook omnibus: The Chaos Chronicles Books 1-3.

Novels of the Starstream

These novels were written separately from the Chaos books, but eventually they converge into one universe, with an overlapping character in the person of Jeaves the robot.

Star Rigger Universe

Presented here in chronological order in the future history, these books can really be read in any order (though I recommend reading the two dragon books in the order given above).

The two dragon books are gathered together in the ebook omnibus: Dragon Space: A Star Rigger Omnibus.

Standalone Novels

Battlestar Galactica

Short Fiction


Free Reads

Other Writings

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