Nebula Awards for 2006

The results are in from the Nebula Awards® banquet put on by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), and here are the 2006 Nebula Award winners: Novel — Camouflage, by Joe Haldeman Novella — “Magic for Beginners,” … Read More

Titan Landing Videos

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It’s been over a year since the Huygens (that’s pronounced hoy-gens) probe landed on Saturn’s moon Titan, penetrating for the first time the opaque clouds that have hidden Titan’s surface. Scientists have now released a pair of videos, created from … Read More

Weird Politics

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In a turn of events that I can only call bizarre, I find myself siding with the Bush administration against Senator Ted Kennedy on an issue involving energy policy and the environment. How weird is that? The issue is Cape … Read More

To Plagiarize or Not to Plagiarize

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I don’t know how much coverage this story has been getting outside the Boston area, but a big story in the Boston Globe lately has been the rise-and-fall saga of 17-year-old novelist and Harvard student Kaavya Viswanathan. Viswanathan’s novel, “How … Read More

How to Destroy the Earth

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Everyone knows that people—guys, especially—love to blow things up. Being a guy myself, I’m no exception. So I was amused, while reading an article about how Gamma Ray Bursts are probably not going to destroy the Earth, after all (Interstellar … Read More

Teenagers Today!

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We got some books about what makes teenagers tick. (I also got one for the girls about how to deal with the parents of teenagers: Yes, Your Parents Are Crazy!) The one I’m enjoying most right now is Get Out … Read More

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