Autographed Books from My Etsy Shop

Now you can buy autographed, personalized books directly from me at Etsy! How cool is that? Plus, autographed books make great gifts! Here’s what I’ve got right now:

I’ll be adding more titles all the time, so bookmark StarRiggerBooks on Etsy!

Print Books Online at Bookshop is a new online bookseller, directly supporting authors, local bookstores, and other book communities. Books purchased through my links (including other authors’ books) will earn me an affiliate fee. They won’t be autographed, though.

About the Various Online Bookstores

If you are shopping for books in paper, Bookshop provides an alternative place to buy online while still helping the independent bookstores. A portion of bookstore profits go into a fund that is shared among affiliated independent bookstores around the U.S. It’s new, and I’m eager to see how well they succeed. The books come from Ingram, the same company that provides books to brick-and-mortar stores.

Bookshop vs Amazon vs Barnes & Noble vs Indie – Confused Yet?

You will get equivalent quality books from all these places. To a surprising degree, they supply books to each other for the print-on-demand market, depending on the particular arrangement.

For most of my books, Ingram supplies Bookshop, B&N, and independent bookstores. Amazon prints the books they sell, except for the hardcovers, which come from Ingram. Some arrangements are just the opposite. Although the quality is about the same, Amazon prints on thicker paper, so my books from Amazon have slightly wider spines than the same titles from Ingram. Buy the ones you prefer.

What About Used Books?

There’s nothing wrong with buying used books. Sometimes it’s the right choice. But be aware that the author earns no money on used book sales. So you can help authors by buying new when you can.