Read the Comments

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Since I know lots of people probably skip over the comments, I just want to note that the posts below this one have a number of interesting comments from readers, some of which I have responded to. I invite other … Read More

Bipartisan Sleaze Report

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Regular readers of this blog know that I don’t much like the Republican government that’s currently in charge of ruining this country. But today I want to cast aspersions fairly and in a bipartisan manner. Let’s start, for a change, … Read More

New Friends

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Before the memory of the Young Writers conference fades, I want to mention a few of the interesting people I met there, and what they’re up to. Philip Baruth is a novelist and teacher in Vermont. But he’s also a … Read More

Fabulous Writing Conference for Young People!

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I’ve just returned from four days at the Bread Loaf, Vermont campus of Middlebury College, where I was one of twenty-two writers teaching at the New England Young Writers Conference. It was my first time at this annual event, and … Read More

Roswell Film Explained?

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Remember Roswell, New Mexico, where an alien spacecraft supposedly crashed in 1947, and the Air Force made off with the wreckage and hid it? (Of course you do.) Remember the movie Alien Autopsy that came out a while back, purporting … Read More

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