Life’s Too Short for Terrible Movies

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My son-in-law Connor recently commented that he was done with Marvel movies. They were just getting too awful. I should have followed his example. I recently watched Thor: Love and Thunder. What a terrible mess of a movie. The writing … Read More

Speaking of Annoying Noises

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About four days ago, I was in the basement and heard a chirping beep—just like the sound a smoke alarm makes to alert you to a low battery; you know, the one that makes you scratch your head and say, … Read More

The Evolution of O2

They came and took away my oxygen concentrator, and also almost a dozen small tanks that were clustered in the other room. In their place, they left a new oxygen concentrator—one that I think puts out a flow closer to … Read More

So, How’s Your O2?

The last two weeks have been all about oxygen. O2. Breathing stuff. Not that important until you’re not getting enough. Two weeks ago is when the first oxygen supplies arrived. (In case you missed it, the reason for my oxygen … Read More

36th Anniversary!

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A few days ago, Allysen and I celebrated our thirty-sixth wedding anniversary. Here we are having dinner on the sidewalk patio of the Town Tavern, right here in Arlington.

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