Working from Home

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What happens when the wife works from home for too long… They say those masks make your skin glow, but I dunno, I’m not seeing it.  

Easter Greetings!

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Here’s hoping for a joyous Easter for all of you who celebrate Easter, and a beautiful day for everyone! I couldn’t find any flowers blooming around our house, but my neighbor Maddie is showing off these lovely azaleas. We dragged … Read More

Some Good News

In this time of crisis, we all need some good news, right? John Krasinski’s “Some Good News,” shot from his home, is a great example. Here’s episode 2, with some extremely uplifting guest appearances. The best part starts about 9 … Read More

Carver Gothic

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I came across this picture—on photo paper! The year was 1998. The year we hung on. This is me with my family, gathered around our one-square-yard wheat crop. We harvested that wheat, and still have the unhusked kernels in a … Read More

Books in the Year of Covid-19

You probably didn’t think of books as a sector that would be hammered by Covid-19. Writers can write anywhere, right? Maybe, but that’s not the whole story, by far. Traditional publishing and bookselling are in deep trouble due to the … Read More

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