More Interviews—Bzzzt! Am I Loud Enough?

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Thanks to my tireless publicist, Mickey Mickelson of Creative Edge Services, I have two interviews scheduled for tomorrow! The first is a recording session with Sara Voorhis, for a podcast to be released (I think) on November 26, with Amphibian … Read More

Psychedelic Thursday: Part Two

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Now that I’ve flogged my own books (not to death, I hope!), I thought I’d make some other gift suggestions. Books, of course, but not mine. Have you read: Richard Bowker’s Portal trilogy, about a young man making his way … Read More

My Interview on Book Lights Radio

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I’ve just finished a podcast radio interview with Lisa Kessler of Book Lights Radio. Lots of fun. You can listen to it online at: It will also be available at itunes and other podcast channels.

I Will Be at Philcon!

I’ll be attending my first Philcon this weekend. By all accounts, it’s a great convention. I look forward to seeing friends, making friends, and taking a little time to myself for the trip. I’ll be autographing Saturday, and moderating several … Read More

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