Word Play Podcast!

A few weeks ago, I had a really good phone conversation with Kristine Raymond for her podcast Word Play. We had fun talking and laughing, especially when we were trying to redo the open after searching for a better cell … Read More

Ready for Virageddon!

With the world basically in lock-down against Covid-19, and the possibility looming of a two-week self-quarantine at a moment’s notice, I’ve been doing a lot of cooking. We now have a freezer stocked with my signature Fantasy Beef Stew*, Space-Time … Read More

Uncaged Magazine Interview

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A print* interview–and I really should have mentioned this one sooner. This is Uncaged Magazine, February issue, and they have a fairly long profile of me, and a number of other writers, as well. (One or two of them SF, … Read More

Literary Titan Speaks!

The Literary Titan book review panel has spoken, and what they’ve said is, give a gold medal to The Reefs of Time! Here’s my gold medal. Here’s what they say: “Our literary awards are given to books and authors that … Read More

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