Too Late to Turn Back Now

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I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Nothing left but the concrete block foundation posts. They should be gone by this time tomorrow. The crew has been working hard. In the rain.

Merry Christmas 2023!

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I’m sending Kevin a day into the future to deliver these greetings early. Kevin/Santa and all of us at the Carver Star Rigger Ranch wish all of you the very best Christmas and greetings of the season. Blessings, everyone! Grab … Read More

This Time I Really Mean It

Did I say the porch project had begun? That was several weeks ago. Then nothing happened, as we waited and fidgeted while the town building department sat on the permit application. (According to the contractor, this was extremely unusual. Generally … Read More

It Has Begun

Our front porch is braced for rapid scheduled disassembly, as soon as the building permit goes through. Here’s a last look at the way things were. The tree out front, our spiky companion of thirty-some years (and decorated with blue … Read More

Electrical Schmelectrical

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We’re just emerging from one of the big house projects, which is a major upgrade to our electrical service, taking our whole two-family house from 200-amp service to 400A. This involves bigger meters on the outside, bigger panels on the … Read More

The Infinity Link for Next to Nothing

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What with inflation, and I don’t mean cosmological inflation, $.99 really is next to nothing. Well, that’s the price right now for the ebook of The Infinity Link, complete with the new cover art and spiffed-up interior layout. Limited time … Read More

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