Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas, or Hanukkah, or just a good day! We spent the day at our daughter’s place, having a fine meal with fine friends, and getting sleepy. And here’s our little piece of quiet Christmas … Read More

Dig a Trench. Fill It In. Go Solar!

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This is the fill-it-in part. It’s always best if you do it in the rain. Because, I don’t know, squish. No, seriously, the reason I do it in the rain is that we’re having a brief warm spell before the … Read More

Pucketa Pucketa POP!

That’s the backfire sound my new snowblower made today when I tried to use it in our first snowfall of the winter. The snow was pretty, no denying that. But it was also the kind of wet, hard-to-move snow that … Read More

More Interviews—Bzzzt! Am I Loud Enough?

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Thanks to my tireless publicist, Mickey Mickelson of Creative Edge Services, I have two interviews scheduled for tomorrow! The first is a recording session with Sara Voorhis, for a podcast to be released (I think) on November 26, with Amphibian … Read More

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