Happy New Year?

Covid. That’s how we started 2024. Allysen has it; most of the family has it. Jayce and I are the only two left standing, still testing negative—and feeling okay, if you don’t count the queasies from overeating over the holidays. No one is enjoying their virus, but also no one got deathly ill, and all are getting better. Jayce and I are grateful for the updated vaccine that may have helped protect us. Allysen is really annoyed to have lost her status as never having gotten Covid.

That’s not the best intro to a new year, so let’s start over.

Happy Three Kings Day, everyone!

Also, work has begun on building the new porch.

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  1. Fran Giuffre
    | Reply

    Hi Jeff, sorry to hear Allysen got Covid, but glad she’s getting better. I hope you will be doing virtual Boskone again this year. I like not leaving my house when it’s 24 degrees on the Seaport! Stay well, Fran

    • Jeffrey A. Carver
      | Reply

      Boskone has a virtual component this year? I never heard from them, and I didn’t follow up because I knew I wouldn’t be attending in person.

  2. Ginny Compere
    | Reply

    And now you have Covid too? So sorry this hashappened. How is your energy level? Pulmonary symptoms? Glad you were vaccinated with the updated vaccine. Big hug to you and Allysen, Jayce, Lexi and Connor.

    • Jeffrey A. Carver
      | Reply

      Hi Ginny. I got it, yes, and am mostly recovered. It was very mild, what with Paxlovid and the latest vacc. Mostly I just had low energy–still somewhat true, but it’s only been 5 days since I tested positive. Little or no pulmonary effect that I’m aware of. I feel very lucky.

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