Teddy Bear on Mars!

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  How cool is this? Natural phenomenon (almost certainly), or feature drawn by aliens (wouldn’t that be great)? You tell me. More info: https://www.space.com/mars-teddy-bear-face-hirise  


My laptop and my Android tablet, left behind over a month ago at the LAX security checkpoint, have come home! Welcome, you prodigal devices! Let us feast and celebrate. You will always have a home here. Kudos to the LAX … Read More

Out with 2022, in with 2023

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Happy Tenth Day of Christmas! Happy New Year! Here at the Star Rigger Ranch, we celebrated Christmas with family and good friends and good food, and celebrated the new year by completely failing to notice midnight come and go. The … Read More

Great Trip, Except…

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Except for the part where I lost my laptop at the TSA checkpoint at LAX and didn’t realize it until we were already in the air, bound for Boston. Yeah, that part sucked. My laptop and my tablet were separated … Read More

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