Eternity’s End Audiobook Just $1.99. Wait, What?

Carver-Eternity's End Audiobook cover

Audiobooks are kind of pricey, especially when they’re narrated by top narrators. So why is Eternity’s End just $1.99 at Chirpbooks, through April? Is someone off hir rocker? Screw loose? Idiot? Probably all three. Whatever the case, you can buy Eternity’s End, finalist for the Nebula Award, read by a Grammy-winning narrator, for just 2 bucks. Two frickin’ dollars. At Chirpbooks only. What are you waiting for? (If you like it, please post a review! Seriously, it makes a difference!)

Oh, The Reefs of Time and Crucible of Time are both more than half off for the same period, just to keep it company. See the Eternity’s End page for details.

Why are you still here?

“Oops!” Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It

Purchasers of Eternity’s End, this is a factory recall! Not quite as bad as airbags that might kill you, but bad enough. Longtime readers of this blog know that I am ferocious about correcting typos, and more than once have howled in frustration at the seeming “whack a mole” quality of trying to stamp them out. But this… this goes way beyond typos.

Thanks to dedicated reader Karen W, I learned today that the Nook version of Eternity’s End had the peculiar flaw of having an entire chapter relocated to a completely different section of the book. And, as it turns out, so did the Kindle version, the Kobo version, the print version, and all the rest. What should have been Chapter 23 somehow became Chapter 33, and in context makes no sense at all.

How could this travesty have occurred? Operator error, probably. As best I can tell, when I was making the final corrections to the new, improved edition in the software tool Vellum, I must have inadvertently dragged and dropped the chapter to a new location, without ever noticing, because the chapter numbering is automatic. And that bollixed-up file is what got converted into the shiny print and all of the ebook editions. This is why I hate drag&drop! I really, really hate it. Except, of course, when I do it deliberately.

What to do? I have uploaded corrected versions of the ebook to all of the stores. If you bought the book in the last year or so, you can simply download a new copy. (It might take a day or so for the revisions to become live.) The correct version has Chapter 23 as “The Maintainers.” Anything different, and you’ve got the wrong copy. (If you bought the book earlier, this shouldn’t affect you. But check.) The audiobook, thankfully, is correct.

If you bought the print version from Amazon, B&N, me directly, or anywhere else, it’s even more embarrassing. Please check Chapter 23 and get in touch via the email link at Show me some proof of purchase, and I’ll send you a replacement, as soon as I have some.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Ai, caramba!

Eternity’s End Audiobook!

Carver-Eternity's End Audiobook cover

It’s finally out! Eternity’s End is a BIG audiobook, carried along effortlessly by the smooth rumble of Stefan Rudnicki’s voice. It’s now available at Audible, Apple, Amazon, Chirp, Nook, Kobo, Play, and other stores! Stefan really outdid himself on this one. When I listened to the recording for review, I almost forgot that I was supposed to be listening with a critical ear; I just got carried away. This book was a Nebula finalist in 2001, but this is the first time it’s been in audiobook. This is my last new audiobook project for now, and I feel like a cat full of c/a/n/a/r/y catnip.

By the way, although it’s tagged as Book 5 of the Star Rigger Universe, you do not need to have read any of the other books first. You can dive right in.

The best prices are currently at Apple, Nook, Play, and Chirp. No guarantee how long those discounts will last. (The final prices are at the discretion of the retailers.)

New Look for Eternity’s End Ebook!

Back some years ago, when Tor published the first edition of my Star Rigger novel Eternity’s End, they commissioned cover art from Stephen Youll, one of the leading artists in the SF field. Stephen had a great vision for the book, and the Tor cover looked like this:

Later, when I brought out my own ebook edition, I had a much smaller budget. I bought some stock art I liked and enlisted writer/artist Pat Ryan to put it all together for me. I was quite pleased with the result, which looked like this:

I used that cover for many years, and it served me well. But I never forgot the original, which I loved for the way it popped off the page, and also actually reflected the story inside. As I started to think about a new paper edition of the book, I also thought about that painting. I got in touch with the artist, and Stephen was excited at the chance to have the art used again. He cut me a deal, and I proudly took a high-res jpg of the art to Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, who’s been doing my cover layouts. She outdid herself in the type design and gave me this new ebook and print book cover, and this week I have released it into world! (Click on it to see it full size.)

Eternity's End new cover art

And if you’d like to see the full, glorious, wraparound art, without any text, here it is (click image to biggify).

Eternity's end painting by Stephen Youll_small
Sometimes I really love my job.