The Chaos Chronicles Books 1-3 by Jeffrey A. Carver
An omnibus ebook edition of the first three books in the series

The Chaos Chronicles is a series of novels projected to consist of seven volumes. The writing has been stretched out over a longer time than originally planned. Life, you know.

The first six books are available in print and ebook, and the first four in audiobook. The seventh and final volume, working title Masters of Shipworld, is my work in progress.

Although there’s a long story arc to this series, each book is pretty much self contained (with the exception of Reefs and Crucible, which together tell a single story). I won’t say there are no cliff-hangers, but each one points to the next story, after the current one comes to a point of closure. In other words, you don’t have to wait for the whole series!

For ebook readers, I offer an omnibus (box set) of the first three books, as well as separate ebooks of the individual titles, all from Starstream Publications.

The omnibus includes all afterwords written for the ebook editions.

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