Author ponders first draftThe Reefs of Time is a work in progress, spanning approximately half the galaxy and a billion or so years in time. Half of our team flies to Li-Jared’s home world of Karellia, charged with stopping a temporal distortion that threatens to bring the deadly Mindaru forward out of deep time (a task that may require putting a stop to an interplanetary war in the present). Meanwhile, Ik and and a human woman* travel down the starstream and far, far back in time, with dangerously conflicting instructions.

The Reefs of Time will be followed by The Masters of Shipworld, which will conclude the series.

*All right, all right. The human woman is Julie Stone.

(And here I ponder a printout of the first draft, wondering what to do about all the places where I wrote, Gah! Figure this part out in the next draft! A thousand or so pages, with some missing bits in the middle.)