An Easter Tale

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Many years ago, in our small freshwater aquarium, we had a tiny crab named Kremlin—so named because of his aggressive behavior toward the fish in the tank, mostly neon tetras. Kremlin would rest quietly on the bottom of the tank, … Read More

Still Alive

Well, they haven’t killed me yet, and I guess they’d better not, because now they’re counting on me to get the book written in time. I’m a’crankin’ on it. It’s interesting to see the difference between writing something in someone … Read More

A Hint

Okay, I’ll say this much. I’m writing the novelization of a really popular SF miniseries, one that has spun off a regular show. That’s it. I can say no more. I’ve already said too much. They’ll probably have to kill … Read More

At Work, Never Fear

It’s hard to keep up a daily entry in a blog, when life is so busy! I wound up having to get a new laptop–a Winbook something-or-other, which I got marked down at Microcenter–and have gotten it wrestled into shape, … Read More

Problem Fixed

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Everything seems to be displaying correctly now. Turned out the problem was a combination of some of the images being slightly too large, and the ads being slightly too large. Sometimes my life feels like one continuous IT troubleshooting session. … Read More

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