Arlington Chronicles: The Gate Is Up and the Fence Is Done!

Big gate and fence

It’s done, and everything works! The dogs can now run free in our backyard! And I can clean up the work bench and put away the tools, because it’s done! And if I do say so myself, I think it looks pretty frickin’ good!

None too soon, either. The temperatures are dropping (I could see my breath as I was staining wood*), and the first real snow of the season is predicted for tomorrow! Nothing like cutting it close!


*Not the recommended conditions for staining wood.

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5 Responses

  1. Richard Bowker
    | Reply

    It looks glorious. Now lock yourself in the back yard and finish the book.

    • Jeffrey
      | Reply

      Too cold out there! The software won’t work. Maybe I’ll lock myself inside, though.

  2. tisiphone7101
    | Reply

    Looks great

  3. MaryA
    | Reply

    Looks so pro! But as to the dogs running free in the backyard — I dunno, Jeff. I’m pretty sure that when I passed by last time, I saw Jack in the yard wearing Nikes on all four feet — and he was carrying some sort of very long pole in in his mouth. Can’t imagine what he thought he was doing, but he sure was grinning ….

    • Jeffrey
      | Reply

      A stick. He loves sticks! I’m sure that’s all it was.

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