We Made It Around the Sun!

Here’s where I wish everyone a Merry Christmas (oops, too late!), a Happy Hanukah (oops!), and a Fabulous New Year (um…).

Well, you Philistines, technically it’s still Christmas until Three Kings Day, and our tree stays up until then! So I can still say, Merry Christmas, from all of us at the Star Rigger Ranch! And it’s still a pretty new 2017, so Happy New Year, as well! It’s got to be better than 2016, right? Right! (No, don’t talk to me about Trump. I will not let you bring me down. Not today.) Anyway, we celebrated our New Years Day by catching Rogue One. It was really good.

So, all together we traced another nearly perfect circle around the Sun, and we’re still kicking. Yes, we suffered losses, including some real shockers. But I guess that’s part of what happens in this carousel around the Sun. We didn’t wobble out of our orbit and fall in, or get thrown out of the solar system, or get hit by a big asteroid, and that’s worth being grateful for.

Anyway, as I said to my small group this evening, I hope that a year from now we can all check in and say what an amazing year 2017 was. I wish that for all of you, too!

  1. Mary Blough
    | Reply

    My thoughts exactly, Jeff. I had a stroke, what is your excuse? Happy New Year, I will send our news letter out about a month late, but am happy to make it around the sun one more time. I am weaker in many ways but stronger in many more. The thalamus is an interesting little walnut sized piece of the brain that could be highlighted as the star in one of your Starrigger books. It’s kind of important, and I am glad there wasn’t a complete sci-fi take-over in September. By grace, I have survived, I have been blessed beyond my understanding. 2017 will be a good year. Happy New Year to you, Allysen and girls.

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