“The Forces of Creativity” on Read My Lips with akaRadioRed

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I’ve got a new online conversation scheduled for tomorrow! This will be a panel discussion about creativity, and I have no idea what to expect, except that I think it will be fun! You can watch live, or catch it later on demand.

Here’s the info, as provided by the host, akaRadioRed:

Read My Lips: Cool Conversations with Creatives with producer / host akaRadioRed

WATCH / LISTEN LIVE – Monday, July 15, 2024

2 PM Pacific / 5 PM Eastern / Find us in your time zone

LISTEN Live: Read My Lips Radio

WATCH Live-streaming and On-demand: LinkedIn + Facebook + YouTube

LISTEN Later: On-demand*** The live audio does not play at this link

Upon the Read My Lips stage with passion bright

akaRadioRed’s Scarlett mic in the live-streaming light

Welcomes you to The Forces of Creativity today

Featuring three Creatives who’ve got a lot to say

Jeffrey A. Carver, Takiyah Smith, and Mickey Mikkelson, too

Watch or listen, we’re curating inspiration for you!


Another New Interview!

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I recorded this a couple of weeks after the one I recently mentioned with Blasters and Blades, but I didn’t realize until just now that it had gone live first. This is with Darshaun McAway on the W.O.W Podcast. Depending on how you get to it, it’s either video or audio-only, so you have to do it right if you want to see my august face on the screen, as well as Darshaun’s. This, directly below, should do that.

It’s on a variety of platforms. This happens to be the Spotify feed.

New Interview!

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It’s been a while since I had an interview, but now that’s changed. I recently had a talk with JR Handley of the Blasters and Blades video podcast. It was good fun, and I hope I gave some interesting nuggets of wisdom. Or at least interest.

You can see it on YouTube. (BTW, this is me being animated! I might have to switch to decaf.)

Edit: The email of this post completely stripped out the YouTube video. Here’s the link:

I have it on good authority that it’s also here:

Rumble | BitChute | Spotify

Radio Interview with Bria Burton: “Joy on Paper”

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Tomorrow morning, I’ll be speaking with Bria Burton about The Chaos Chronicles, and whatever else she wants to ask me about. This Bria is not to be confused with Bria the gokat, who features in The Reefs of Time and Crucible of Time. They didn’t even know each other until recently, and I didn’t know the human Bria when I wrote the gokat Bria. But one became a fan of the other, and don’t you love those coincidences?

Update: You can hear the interview here:
You’ll see Bria, but not me.

On Characterization, and Other Excerpts from Odyssey Workshops

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Odyssey Workshops Logo

Odyssey Writing Workshop is a long-running, intensive, hands-on training camp for folks just learning to be science fiction and fantasy writers—one of the most demanding and most rewarding in the business. On a couple of occasions in the past, I have been privileged to be a guest speaker at Odyssey, and on one of those occasions, I spoke on the subject of creating believable and interesting characters. I don’t really remember what I said, but I must have hit something right, because the folks at Odyssey have just put up an excerpt as the latest in their podcast series featuring guest authors.

You can listen to it right here, or here. It’s also on iTunes, I’m told.

Better still, especially if you’re interested in the craft of writing, browse the whole Odyssey Podcast home page for the many fascinating topics, by a whole host of authors. Some of them also talk about characterization. In fact, I just found one such by my friend Craig Shaw Gardner.

Lots of good advice to be found there.

Live Interview on Lurking for Legends—8 p.m. EDT, Today

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I’ll be going live in a little while in a video interview with David M. Kelly and Richard H. Stephens, as part of their show, Lurking for Legends. What will we be talking about? I don’t know! But I’ll bet it has something to do with writing, and possibly lurking, and maybe even legends. Come join us—it’ll be fun!


Update: You can watch the completed interview at that link. It’ll be on YouTube, also, but I don’t have that link just yet. (Because it doesn’t exist yet.)

Seriously, come on in. You don’t have anywhere else to be, do you?

From the Galactic Archives: Science Fiction on “The Connection”

Over the last mumblety years, I’ve done a number of interviews in various media, or written essays for other publications or blogs. I always link to them, but mostly I’ve not gotten around to putting them on my own site (after a decent interval), as I’ve meant to do. Well, it’s never too late. I start with one of my favorites.

On November 21, 1997, I was a guest along with author Joe Haldeman on a remarkable public radio series called The Connection, hosted by Christopher Lydon on Boston’s WBUR public radio station. The Connection was a highly respected show on public affairs and the arts. It wasn’t the kind of show where you normally expected any mention of SF literature. But this time it was, and the discussion was lively, with lots of input from callers. I had a great time. I recently found a tape recording of the show, and have digitized it for the modern age. (Edit: I realized the tape reproduction was a little fast, so I have adjusted the recording to what seems to me to be the correct pitch and tempo.)

I hope the producers don’t mind my doing this, since technically I don’t own the copyright. But it’s been over twenty years, so I hope it’s all right. For the record, I’ve stored this recording on my own website, and I’m offering you a chance to plug into my headphone jack. Please don’t distribute this, but if you’ve got a little time and you want to hear our chat with an influential radio personality, just lean over and plug your headphones in right here…


Here’s a picture of Joe and me together at a book signing, a few years later. (Photo by Gay Haldeman)

Interview on The Superversive Spotlight

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We interrupt The Ponce Chronicles for a special bulletin: My interview with author, publisher, and podcaster Richard Paolinelli was recorded just two days ago—from right here in Ponce, for my part—and has already gone live. In fact, here it is!

If that doesn’t display for you, you can view it here.

Richard is a good interviewer, and it was a fun change of pace for me. And we didn’t even have a power or internet outage!

If you’d like to see his home page for interviews, you can view that here.

Note, it’s a new platform, so we’re just getting the ball rolling. Spread the news!

Drop in on “Pen for Hire”

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I had an entertaining chat with Pen for Hire host Matthew Harms not long ago, and he’s posted it on YouTube so that you, too, can be entertained. (Well, I hope you’re entertained. If you’re not, I guarantee your ticket price back.) You can see it here:

Or, if that doesn’t work for you, here: https://youtu.be/6SyXPmqqtq8


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Sometimes Interviews Are Really Fun!

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Those crazy dudes at SciFi Saturday Night podcast interviewed me again last week. They always start with some zaniness that as far as I can tell has nothing to do with anything—must be something in the New Hampshire water—and then, wham, we’re into talking books. These guys love books! They read your stuff before you come on, and they really want to talk about it. “Why did you do this?” “You really had me going with that…” It’s a lot of fun. This time we talked about my efforts in audiobooks, over the last year. And a bit about the challenges of putting older books back into (paper) print. You can listen to it right here: http://scifisaturdaynight.com/?p=9834

Shortly before that, I was on the Douglas Coleman Show. This was much more of a general audience broadcast. I don’t think he gets a lot of SF writers on his show, so let’s call it carefully calculated subversion. Get that general audience thinking about otherworldly things they might not tend to ponder very much. One slight problem was that I must have been tired. It was a video interview, and I sat there looking sort of like a low-budget cartoon character—you know, the ones where just the mouth moves. I hope I was interesting in spite of that. You can see it here: https://youtu.be/7_LyRzMJHl4

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