Interview on Writers Corner Live!

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In more upbeat news, I recently was featured on a talk show called Writers Corner Live with Bridgetti Lim Banda and Mary Elizabeth Jackson. They run a very polished operation and were great, welcoming hosts. I had a lot of fun talking to them. You can view it right here, or visit the Writers Corner Live page on Facebook.

Here’s the YouTube link to the interview if it’s not displaying properly for you.

Beyond the Trope! Nerds Talk About Writing!

Beyond the Trope logo

Beyond the Trope is a weekly podcast about writing, hosted by the lively and welcoming Michelle and Giles. This week, they pick the brain of moi, and we talk about writing in general, touching on research, teaching, and television hosting. I just listened to it, and I was not disappointed! Hopefully you will be, too. Er, not. You know what I mean. Check out all of their podcasts!

Download | iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher


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Great Writers Share (Alleged Wisdom) in a Podcast

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Writers Share banner

I keep seeing this guy’s face. Who does he think he is? And I wish he’d get a new photo.

Anyway, it seems I have turned up in another part of the pod-o-sphere, this time in a discussion with the smart and friendly, not to mention bestselling and famous, UK-based, dark-fiction author Daniel Willcocks! This one took two tries on two days, because either my audio setup wasn’t cooperating, or his wasn’t. (We never did figure that out.) In any case, everything worked the second time. Listen in, as two writers discuss writing!

If you prefer the channel of a favored podcast app, you can find links to a bunch of different options =here=.

Or, assuming I get it embedded correctly, listen to this interview in your browser here:

Listen to Great Writers Share | with Daniel Willcocks


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Word Play Podcast!

Word Play podcast banner

A few weeks ago, I had a really good phone conversation with Kristine Raymond for her podcast Word Play. We had fun talking and laughing, especially when we were trying to redo the open after searching for a better cell signal in my house. We talked about some of the ins and outs of writing, and compared notes on our methods. She’s put it up in a bunch of podcast channels, and you can listen to it on any of the platforms she provides links for. (And a lot of other podcast channels, she assures me.)

Check out her page =here= and maybe see who else she has interviewed, as well.


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Live from New-, er, Boston, It’s SCI-FI SATURDAY NIGHT!

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Sci-Fi Saturday Night logo

Yes, a new interview has gone live. This is a really good one! The crew at Sci-Fi Saturday Night were all deep into The Reefs of Time, and had some interesting observations and questions. I had a lot of fun recording this. One of the guys, Cameron, told me later that first his brother and then his father looked over his shoulder to see what he was reading. Their reaction? “I’ve read that series! You mean there’s another book out? Great!” So I know I’ve picked up a few new readers!

=Listen here=


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Uncaged Magazine Interview

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Uncaged Magazine cover

A print* interview–and I really should have mentioned this one sooner. This is Uncaged Magazine, February issue, and they have a fairly long profile of me, and a number of other writers, as well. (One or two of them SF, and some other genres as well.) I’m about 3/4 of the way along the scroll bar, but take a look at the rest while you’re there. There’s a centerfold, so to speak, of a gallery of the authors’ animal friends–including, of course, the Carver critters.

*By “print,” you understand that I mean words you read. On a screen. That kind of print.

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Interview on The Worldshapers Podcast!

Worldshapers banner

My guest spot went live today on Edward Willett’s podcast series, The Worldshapers! Ed is a writer of over sixty books, and his podcast series has included a slew of great science fiction and fantasy authors talking about their writing process. He has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish an anthology of stories by authors who were guests on The Worldshapers podcast in its first year. Take a look! Give them some love!

Meanwhile, you can listen right here to the interview, or go to the podcast site.


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He’s Everywhere! He’s Everywhere!

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Well, maybe not—but not for lack of trying. I was interviewed on a Canadian show called The Stuph File, hosted by Peter Anthony Holder, a fellow with considerable broadcasting cred, so you know this is smalltime stuff here. Or, er, stuph. My interview was part of a longer show, but you can hear just the interview part here. (Or use the player if it has magically appeared below.) Peter was a very good interviewer, and I enjoyed it.

If you’d like to hear the whole show, you can do that at on Peter’s website.

But wait—there’s more!

Lawrence M. SchoenAuthor Lawrence M. Schoen, also known as Klingon Guy for his mastery of the Klingon language, has a blog feature called Eating Authors, in which he asks various authors to describe their most memorable meal. He invited me to do so, and my guest post has just gone live there. I wish you could join us for our fabulous dining in London.


More Interviews—Bzzzt! Am I Loud Enough?

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Thanks to my tireless publicist, Mickey Mickelson of Creative Edge Services, I have two interviews scheduled for tomorrow! The first is a recording session with Sara Voorhis, for a podcast to be released (I think) on November 26, with Amphibian Press Books.

Amphibian Press Podcast logoAmphibian Press Podcast logo

And then at 3:40 EST, I’ll be live on Chat and Spin Radio, out of the UK, with host Ron Clark. That will be live, and you can listen from that link. (It will available later for streaming, and I’ll post the location when I have it.)

Chat and Spin Radio logo

Wish me a clear and frog-free voice!

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