DT Nightmare Almost Over! Or Is It?

American flag and people - Brett Sayles

There’s no denying I’ve been breathing easier, and had much more spring in my step, since Biden won Pennsylvania to become president-elect of the United States of America. In fact, I felt an enormous weight lift with that news, a feeling of oppression melt away, an oppression that’s been with me for four years, since the DTs first set in. (Who would have thought that one man could cause so much damage? In 1930’s Germany, sure. But not here. Surely.)

But has the nightmare really ended? DT hangs on, a child gripped by a tantrum; but is it just that? If only. He knows he’s lost—the whole world knows it—and still he continues to raise money, and to sow distrust of democratic elections. Is he planning a coup to stay in office? If you were planning a military coup, what’s the first thing you’d do? Probably remove defense leaders who were resistant to your autocratic authority. Check. Keep the top leaders of your political party in thrall because they fear your displeasure, and get them to act (to their eternal shame) as if nothing of significance had happened on election day. Check. Lie, lie, and lie some more. Check.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 rampages unchecked, and the presidential transition is obstructed, hampering the new administration’s ability to hit the ground running to bring Covid under control. It’s almost as if they want Biden to face the pandemic at its worst, the better to cast blame.

Note my choice of the word “they.” It’s not just DT, it’s the Republican Party (save for a brave few who have spoken up) that’s overwhelmingly complicit in this malevolent charade. It’s disgraceful; it’s unpatriotic; it’s unchristian; it’s treasonous, really; and it’s a very dangerous game they are playing with our democracy. The Cylons could not have done it better.

We may be more dependent on the honor and oath of our military command than we (or I, at any rate) imagined would actually happen in real life. The day may come when the generals will have to say No to their commander-in-chief when he orders them to choose between serving him, and serving the Constitution. I believe they are up to the challenge.

Meanwhile, we the people, if we want our democracy to survive, are going to have to be vigilant, indeed.

[Flag image by Brett Sayles]

No Dogs on the Sofa! And for God’s Sake, Vote!

If there’s one firm rule we have in this house, it’s that the dogs are not allowed on the sofa unless specifically invited. How, then, to explain this:

No dogs on sofa, Jack!

And this:

No dogs on sofa, Duff!

Also, no squirrels are allowed on the porch!

In case you wonder, I’m an emotional tightwire (like many of you), waiting to find out what’s going to happen on election day—or, more likely, several weeks after election day. Will we step back from the precipice we’re dancing on? Will we put responsible adults in charge in Washington? Before we all die of Covid or drown in the melting ice caps? Will we save democracy from our worst impulses?

I can’t stand the wait, and that’s why we’re getting dog pictures on the day before the election.

Hillary, the Squirrels, and Spring

After much pondering, I voted for the Hillary. Interesting voting factoid about Massachusetts (or at least my town): the Democratic ballots are shaded red, and the Republican blue. Messing with us? Of course they are!

Speaking of messing with us, when I got home, I decided it was a nice day and it was time to take the suddenly failing Christmas lights off the tree in front of our house. (Happy First Day of Meteorological Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, everyone!) I like to keep the lights up after the holidays, to brighten those bleak February nights.

Here’s how the squirrels thanked me (and the reason the lights were failing).

Squirrel-chewed lights3_sm

Hillary or Bernie? Bernie or Hillary?

Bernie-vs-Hillary-on-HarryTomorrow (oops, it’s past midnight, so it’s today) is Presidential Primary day in Massachusetts. I still haven’t decided between Hillary and Bernie, because there are things I like about both of them. Bernie’s plain speaking* is majorly refreshing, and he has impressive and passionate grassroots support. On the other hand, his indifference (or opposition) to sensible gun control is really troubling, especially as we watch the scoreboard ratchet upward on crazed mass killings. On the other other hand, he knows Harry Potter.

(*I guess Trump supporters think he’s a plain speaker also. But there’s a difference between speaking plainly about the needs of the people and the need to work together, and plainly mouthing bigotry, racism, sexism, arrogance, and greed.)

Hillary favors reasonable gun control, and she has impressive foreign policy experience.  I admit I was unenthusiastic about her at first. But as I’ve heard her speak more, I’ve warmed to her a lot more. And yes, I think it’s time for a woman to be president, though I would not vote for her just on that basis.

I haven’t heard either of them speak on their support for space exploration, which would be relevant to me if I knew their stands.

Given that either is a mostly acceptable candidate to me, I think it comes down to two questions: Who is more electable nationwide? And who has a better chance of leading the country in the face of a hostile and dysfunctional Congress?

I’ll let you know what I decide.

Meanwhile, when it’s voting day in your state, please vote!

*Picture borrowed from slate.com.