No Dogs on the Sofa! And for God’s Sake, Vote!

If there’s one firm rule we have in this house, it’s that the dogs are not allowed on the sofa unless specifically invited. How, then, to explain this:

No dogs on sofa, Jack!

And this:

No dogs on sofa, Duff!

Also, no squirrels are allowed on the porch!

In case you wonder, I’m an emotional tightwire (like many of you), waiting to find out what’s going to happen on election day—or, more likely, several weeks after election day. Will we step back from the precipice we’re dancing on? Will we put responsible adults in charge in Washington? Before we all die of Covid or drown in the melting ice caps? Will we save democracy from our worst impulses?

I can’t stand the wait, and that’s why we’re getting dog pictures on the day before the election.

4 Responses

  1. David a Oliphant
    | Reply

    To whom it may concern, we (that being Americans) live in a democratic Republic. Liberals hate this and want majority vote only….never has worked.

    • Jeffrey A. Carver
      | Reply

      Uh-huh. And FWIW, I’m not even talking about liberal versus conservative. I’m talking about responsible adult behavior and leadership. Something that’s been shockingly absent of late.

  2. Frances B Giuffre
    | Reply

    Jeff, dog pictures are always appropriate. They are probably on the couch resting up before the big day on Tuesday ..

    • Jeffrey A. Carver
      | Reply

      Fran, you’re just enabling them. I don’t think they’ve even mailed their ballots yet!

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