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  1. Edward Decker
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    Greatly enjoyed your novels–less so your political commentary . . . Trump’s an ass, his behavior as a human being–as a man–sordid, there is no doubt; I wouldn’t want him as a neighbor, and I pity the poor person who works for him–especially advisors. But a more politically motivated “trial” would be difficult to find.
    But the other guy is as smarmy as they come–led by the nose, no convictions, unprincipled, testing the direction of political winds to see what he needs to do or say next. Plagiarist, pragmatic, as lacking in character as his opponent.
    Pox on both of them.

    I see and hear more of both of these shysters than I can stand, and would appreciate not being reminded.

    That said . . . bless you–I hope you do well, and pray your health improves.

    • Jeffrey A. Carver
      | Reply

      Hi Ed — Thanks for your reply. I disagree with almost everything you said, especially about the trial being politically motivated (a more clearcut violation of the law would be hard to find). But I appreciate your thoughtfulness in leaving it. Thanks for the good wishes.

  2. Fran Giuffre
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    I’m amazed the jury agreed on all 34 counts! I wish his voters still believed in the jury system of justice. Accountability is for grown ups!

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