Tales of the Kite — Six Weeks into the Herbs

For six weeks now, I’ve been gulping a pile of Chinese herbs from my potions master that look like this, dissolved in hot water, twice a day. Yum. (No, not yum. Gaghh.) So how’s it going? Is it working? I’m glad you asked. Reports from my crack team of observers say that I appear to have more energy, more focus, more life. Myself, I can’t tell! But I believe them, and I’ll take the win. Also, my years-long morning cough has largely gone away. I feel subjectively that I’m less short of breath when I exert myself. Does that mean it’s working? I hope so.

Empirical evidence is less clear. My O2 readings are about the same—dipping down when I exercise and coming back up, as always. I’m using the same amount of supplemental oxygen. I won’t have pulmonary function tests at the docs until August, and then we should know if this regimen is working in a measurable way. Fingers crossed.

Though I had high hopes for better on the O2 end of things, I am encouraged by the energy, and the other things. Keep on kiting!

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  1. Fran
    | Reply

    Hey Jeff, That’s great news! Feeling better with less coughing has to mean some kind of healing is going on. Thumbs up. Cant’ wait to hear your August report! Fran

  2. Lisa Cohen
    | Reply

    You have been in my thoughts of late and I’m glad you’re seeing even a little improvement. Sending love.


  3. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Thanks so much, Lisa!

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