The Mothership (Not) at Sea

A week ago, I cancelled a planned writing retreat in the Mothership, because of the approach of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Henri, which at the time seemed aimed directly at Cape Cod. Fortunately for us, Henri turned out to be nothing much for eastern Massachusetts (in unfair contrast to Hurricane Ida, which is right now slamming the poor folks in Louisiana).

So I have come today to Falmouth on Cape Cod in the Mothership, for a five-day retreat. I am ensconced in an RV park, hooked up to electricity and water and internet, and with the blinds closed, I can’t even see the rows of RVs parked nearby. I guess tomorrow I’ll venture out and have a look. (As usual, and not intentionally, I arrived after dark.) One thing different this time is that I brought Buckbeak, my trusty moped, to get around the area on. This is my first time using the trailer that I was so focused on fixing up back in June. It worked great!

Aside from The Ponce Chronicles, I have been completely unable to write for months now. In hopes of changing that, I sit here in the Mothership, quite cozy and comfortable, listening to music I’m piping from my old Zune into the coach’s stereo. And yet I am agitated and anxious because I have not truly relaxed in a manner conducive to thinking in… I don’t know how long. I have five days here to unwind and start remembering what my writing was all about. No pressure!

I have a fridge full of good food and good beer, and also some chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies baked for my birthday the other day. (I just turned 42, give or take a few decades.) It’s a start.


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  1. Ted
    | Reply

    I am acquainted with writer’s block my self, having several stories stuck in limbo. Perhaps after this coming weekend when we go to a 50 year school reunion, I can get my head back in the game. I just finished (again) reading about John Bandicut and the company. Patiently waiting for further light and knowledge.

    I would like to find the answers to who is pulling their strings. I personally am leaning to the idea that the little Meercat creatures are really important, somehow. I also am hoping that the Translator might be able to unlock some deep ancestral memory pointing it to the TzangTzang creation – or its descendants. Just rambling . . . .

    • jeffreyacarver
      | Reply

      Hm, I have a feeling you know this story better than I do! Also, I like your ideas…

      • Ted
        | Reply

        Don’t know if you follow Elon Musk, he’s the guy with SpaceX and Tesla. Well, he is also working on AI and robots. I recently saw him talking about the possible future in that direction.

        He was talking about how humans needed much more output bandwidth to be able to control computers quickly . . . possibly using a direct in-the-brain neural interface (just like John Bandicut). Then there was discussion about computers developing awareness. He talked about THAT implication, sort of like what Cro-Magnons did to Neanderthals. (the Mindaru vs. organic life?)

        I also read some stuff (from five years ago) about computer processors with multiple millions of cores that can run nearly 100 quadrillion calculations per second. (Napoleon, Jeaves, and the Mindaru?)

        Between you and Robert Heinlein, I think you both have nailed it.

        • jeffreyacarver
          | Reply

          Who doesn’t follow Elon Musk? He’s the Tom Swift, Jr. of this century, except crazier. I’m pretty annoyed with him, though, about his disregard for the night sky. Astronomers are cursing him.

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