Psychedelic Thursday: Way Better than Black Friday

Cover for The Reefs of Time - Chaos ChroniclesYou know what makes a great gift? Books! Books books books! Get that Christmas and Hanukah shopping done ahead of time for once! I even have a suggestion for books you could give: The Reefs of Time and Crucible of Time! It’s a no-brainer, when you think about it.

For the valued reader in your circle, you could order the trade paperback editions. For the truly discerning, hardcovers may be the best choice.

In the old days, I used to sell autographed copies myself by mail. But that was before all the states got compulsive about collecting sales tax, and it became unworkable. So, if you’d like your copies autographed, the best way is to bring them to a con and ask me to sign them in person. That’s so much nicer, anyway.


Cover for Crucible of Time - Chaos ChroniclesIf you use these purchase links, I’ll get a little something extra in the way of referral fees:

The Reefs of Timepaperback | hardcover

Crucible of Timepaperback | hardcover

Your gift recipients will thank you, and so will I.


P.S. If you’d rather give other print volumes in the series, here are some other options:
Neptune Crossing | Strange Attractors | The Infinite Sea

2 Responses

  1. Kori Weiser
    | Reply

    I swear that I heard that the Crucible of Time books (or the first one anyway) was in process of being narrated. Did I hear that right? Did I hear that it would be done by Mirron Willis? (I love Stefan Rudnicki too!). Am I mistaken? Have I taken up residence in with the Shadow People for too long? Has my dimension shifted?

    Being disabled, I have some trouble turning pages, or tapping my iPhone often enough to keep up with my reading speed. I can (and have done) made adjustments to going without, but I humbly request any attempts at obtaining narrators for all of my fellow disabled Carver-Chaos-Chronicles habitués.

    Many thanks, Master of The Chronicles!


    Kori W.
    Seattle, WA

    • jeffreyacarver
      | Reply

      Actually, it’s Sunborn that’s being narrated–by Stefan Rudnicki. He was supposed to start today, in fact. In the last few months, he’s done Strange Attractors and The Infinite Sea, and when Sunborn is done, we’ll have the first four books in audio. It’s my firm hope to have him do Reefs and Crucible, also, but it’s actually an expensive proposition getting these books done, and earning back the investment is going to take years. I’m probably going to run a Kickstarter campaign in the near future, to raise money to record Reefs and Crucible.

      I’m glad to hear that you’re out there as a ready audience!

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