Psychedelic Thursday: Part Two

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Now that I’ve flogged my own books (not to death, I hope!), I thought I’d make some other gift suggestions. Books, of course, but not mine. Have you read:

Richard Bowker’s Portal trilogy, about a young man making his way through life-and-death situations in the multiverse? Starts out YA, but as the characters grow up, so too does the tone of the books. Richard’s a fine writer, who deserves notice. Here’s the trilogy at Amazon, to get you started.

Covers for the Portal Trilogy by Richard Bowker

Craig Shaw Gardner’s Temporary Magic Series, a totally silly trilogy about Lenny and the magical temp agency he goes to work for, saving the world with the help of Bob the blue horse/pooka, among others. Craig, by the way, has started working on a new Ebenezum book, for those who love his wizard who’s allergic to magic. Here’s his Temporary Magic Series.

Temporary Magic trilogy covers, by Craig Shaw Gardner

And if that isn’t enough, there’s a continually evolving panoply of fine writing at Book View Café, never to be missed!

Book View Cafe storefront

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    Thanks, Jeff! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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