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In my second broadcast appearance this week, I’ll be one of the panelists tomorrow on a special edition of Writers Showcase, talking about science fiction and its future with Robert J. Sawyer, Edward Willett, Kristina Rienzi, and host Christie Stratos. It’s an hour-long show, and I’m sure it’ll be interesting! This will be in full video—like going to a con, but without the hotel and airfare. Hope my equipment cooperates!

That’s Thursday evening, October 24, 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, on Facebook video. Here’s where to tune in.


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  1. Alan Fingerhut
    | Reply

    Listened to your interview on Siren Radio yesterday. What a shambles! If the egotistical interviewer had only let you speak, it would have been a great improvement. My understanding of an interviewer was, they ask a question, then they sit back and let the interviewee give an answer. What we got instead was a self serving radio presenter who obviously thought more of his own voice than yours, and I could almost feel the embarrassment of the poor girl who was assisting him. Did anybody else feel the same way?
    I loved the continuing saga of John Bandicut’s adventures. Please finish ‘The Masters Of Shipworld’ ASP as I am approaching 80 and would like to read the end of the series sooner than later.

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