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So, the last couple of weeks were pretty hard, with my brother’s passing—and thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes. Now I’m trying once more to get up a head of steam. The Reefs of Time launches in just three weeks!

What I’m focusing on now is proofing and correcting the print edition of Reefs, and yes, this is getting close to the wire. (And any corrections I make that are not just formatting, such as bad hyphenation, uneven spacing of justified text, and so on—meaning word or punctuation or italicizing corrections—all those have to be copied into the ebook and the source file, as well. It’s an incredibly finicky business.)

Due to unavoidable scheduling conflict with my brother’s memorial service in August, I have canceled plans to attend Worldcon in Dublin. That hurts, because I picked the launch date specifically to have the book out in time to promote it at Worldcon. Well, family first, and no regrets about making that choice; I just wish it hadn’t happened. And I mean that in every possible sense.

Okay, this 460-page book isn’t going to proofread itself. See you later.

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  1. Connie Bothfeld
    | Reply

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother. My condolences to you and families. (& can’t wait for your new book(s)!!!!!

  2. Mary Blough
    | Reply

    When is Chuck’s Memorial Service? Let me know when you have sent your message for Mm’s meo. We have everything ready since we have the Blough reunion tomorrow.
    It has been a rough month for you. I can totally relate. Thankfully we both have fabulous spouses to walk through it together. We will miss you and Allysen.

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