Are You Going to a Con?

I need your help! Are you going to be attending an SF con or other similar gathering where it might be helpful to put out some of my promotional freebies (flyers and coasters)? I’d really appreciate it.

I already have volunteers for Necon, Worldcon, Ad Astra, CanCon, Confluence, and Dragon Con. Is anyone going to Readercon? Other gatherings?

Please let me know, and I’ll mail you a batch of materials!

Also, if you haven’t already joined my street team—the Starstream Troupers—and would like to sign up to help me get the word out, please let me know! (You don’t have to be on Facebook to help me, of course! But if you are, and would like to join that FB group, that’s where the most organized action is. Also if you join there, you can download an advance reading copy of Reefs/Crucible, both as a thank-you and to give you something to plug!) Come join the team!


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