In case you wondered if I was doing any actual writing down here on my writing retreat, here’s your proof. Here’s a sneak preview of Chapter 68-ish of The Reefs of Time! I’ve been wrestling with this chapter for a while now, trying to make this bit of the story, especially the character interactions, come out right. Writing about people is hard! Especially when the people are aliens.

I’m working here in Scrivener. The text in red is notes to myself. The text in blue is first draft material that is probably on its way to the cutting room floor, but still might have bits I want to keep. The text in black is the real thing, but that doesn’t mean it won’t also wind up on the cutting room floor.

I wish I could say that all the thorny parts of the writing are falling away in the face of the natural beauty here on the Cape. But alas, it’s fighting back. Evil is never vanquished for long.

Okay, back into the fray!


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  1. Semora
    | Reply

    I can’t say how exciting it was to get to read even a small excerpt from the next book. Thanks for sharing! I’ve tried not to do too much speculating on what comes next in the story, I’m usually wrong about stuff like that. But let’s just say I’m looking forward to a certain reunion scene (and how changing relationships, new vs. old, will play out).

    • jeffreyacarver
      | Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the nano-sample! I hope you find the book worth the wait!

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