Happy Birthday, Bookbub!

No, wait, I got that wrong. It’s Happy Birthday, Allysen! (It’s my loving wife’s forty-two-plus-somethingth birthday today. Yay!)

It’s also the day of my first Bookbub promotion! Eternity’s End is on sale for $.99, for one week only. At Kindle! At Nook! At Smashwords! This is the one that was a finalist for the Nebula Award: a big, sprawling star-rigger story, complete with space pirates, amphibious aliens, cyber-enhanced love, and cosmic wonders. Get it for less than a buck, for one week only. Heck, for that price, buy six and give it to your friends!

If you like the book, I sure would appreciate your posting a review to your favorite store or review site. Believe it or not, reviews matter!

After March 7, the price goes up.

And did I remember to say: Happy Birthday, Allysen!

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  1. jfowen.com
    | Reply

    I'd also like to wish Allysen a happy birthday! Just think, if she had been born a day later on a leap year, she would be having her eight and a half years plus something birthday. 🙂

  2. ThirdScribe
    | Reply

    Happy belated birthday!

    By the way, how did the BookBub promo do?

  3. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Bookbub promo was great! Over a thousand books went out to new readers. I'll be trying another one soon.

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