Which Is More Interesting: Space Elevators or Kate Upton in Zero Gee?

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Too much snow, and other tiring distractions! Let’s think about something else for a change. Which is the more compelling of two stories that came across my radar the other day, both from space.com:

The coming reality of space elevators?


Or the effect on supermodels of being photographed in skimpy swimsuits in zero gravity?

You decide! (For what it’s worth, I like both of them.)

*You can see more photos in the series at http://swimsuit.si.com/swimsuit/models/kate-upton/zero-g-photos/1. Watch Kate get launched through the airplane by the photo crew!

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  1. jfowen.com
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    Well of course the space elevator is more interesting. With the rapid development of carbon nanotube technologies which have the potential of overcoming material strength constraints, space elevators are now an exciting possibility. Personally however, I think that the launch loop is a better option because it limits exposure to radiation, but time will tell.

    Now, back to your original question, who would want to spend time viewing photos of a beautiful woman floating around in zero-g wearing a swimsuit?

    Wife – "What are you looking at on the computer?"

    Me – "Nothing…Nothing at all."

    Wife – "It doesn't look like nothing. It looks like a well-endowed girl in a swimsuit who is floating in the air."

    Me – "No, no, no. I'm doing research for my next novel. That's actually a prototype for a new thin layer transparent spacesuit with integrated radiation filters. It's going to be a real game changer for low Earth orbit construction techniques."

    Gotta go now.

  2. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Nice recovery. 🙂

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