Battling Up the Mountain…

My ebooks (most of them) have finally appeared in the Kindle store.  They were released to all of the other outlets last May, but some weird fubar snafu kept them from getting into the store until now.  It took lots of extra effort on the part of the folks at ereads to get it all straightened out.  And we’re still not quite there.  Dragons in the Stars is still the old version, and From a Changeling Star and Down the Stream of Stars have had the old ones taken down but not the new ones put up.  But the others are there.  At last!  Here’s the link. 

Most of them are missing the cover art, I hope just temporarily.  Here are some cover images to replace those that are missing.  And speaking of fubar snafus, I can’t seem to make the images come down here to the bottom, so that’s why they’re up on top.  Ah well.

I decided I’d been mad at Amazon long enough about the Seven Day War, so I’ve put my Amazon links back on my web site.

For other formats (and DRM-free versions), check my ebooks page.

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