Quick Trip to Puerto Rico

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Last week, Julia and I joined Allysen for a few days at her parents’ house in Puerto Rico (their residence, not a vacation home).  The time went fast.  There was a lot to do.  Her folks are at the age where they need a lot of help.  Internet problems, computer problems, plumbing problems, the run of homeowner problems, and a serious veterinary crisis.  (I even got it at both ends.  The morning after I arrived down there, my cell phone rang and it was Jill, who rents our first floor apartment up here.  The hot water heater just let go!  The basement is flooding!  Can you call the plumber?  What fun!)  Some days, it pays better to stay in bed.  Still, it was great to escape winter for even a little while. 

I needed to come back a day early for the memorial service for my friend Victoria (see earlier post).  It was a beautiful service, filled mostly with singing, with many members of her Sacred Harp singing community present.  I’m sure she enjoyed it, from her new vantage point.  Those of us in the writing group tried gamely to keep up with the shaped note singing.  Fortunately, we were assured that wrong notes add to the character of the music.  That’s my kind of singing. 

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