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Today the paperwork rolled for me to become Visiting Wizard at MIT, and I met for the first time with Joe Haldeman’s SF Writing class. (Actually, my title will be “temporary lecturer.” But Visiting Wizard is so much more motivating, don’t you think?) The class went well, considering that I jumped in midstream, and was trying to fill Joe’s shoes without too much sense of disruption. The students pitched right in and participated, and I found them to be a bright, interesting, and likable bunch. Good insights, and a lot of enthusiasm. I enjoyed meeting them all and look forward to reading their work. I was helped immeasurably by the volunteer assistance of Antony Donovan, a former student who is now Joe’s longtime friend and helper.

Meanwhile, Joe remains in intensive care in a hospital in Cincinnati, with his wife Gay right there surrounded by friends who are helping her in every way possible. He’s been under sedation (unconscious, mostly) and on a ventilator for over a week now, following emergency surgery for twisted bowel and a severely inflamed pancreas. It seems to be the latter that’s keeping him in stable critical condition with a steady fever. I don’t know anyone in the SF field who doesn’t love Joe and Gay, so we’re all just waiting and hoping. He’s got a lot of people sending thoughts and prayers his way.

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  1. VictoriaB
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    He's got a lot of people sending thoughts and prayers his way.

    Add this one to the list. This is so awful, though I must admit I feel worse for Gay, who has to wait by the bedside, more or less helpless. Joe, at least, is under sedation and presumably not aware of much of anything. Peace and strength to both of them.


  2. Myric
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    Best wishes to Joe! I love his work and his writer's voice.
    Though I've never had the pleasure of studying under him, I have quite a number of his lectures from a few friends who are MIT alumni and shared with me, the burgeoning writer.

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