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It isn’t often that any of us get to see our work turned into film or TV, and even less often that it’s done well. When my friend Rob Sawyer sold his novel Flashforward to ABC for a new series, I was happy for him—but not necessarily optimistic about what the results would be. Well, so far, I call it a major success story!

We watched the first episode of Flashforward last night, and I thought it totally rocked. Well written, engrossing, good acting with likable characters. All told, I was left eager to see how this series will develop. This is one of Rob’s books that I had never gotten around to reading, so I can’t comment on how the show compares with the text, but from what I understand Rob is pleased with what they’ve done.

My only complaint: the credit that said “From the novel by Robert J. Sawyer” was in miniscule print at the end, and lasted for approximately a quarter of a second. Come on, ABC! You can do better than that to recognize the original author!

Otherwise, great job!

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  1. Anonymous
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    Good to hear the positive review from someone with relevant knowledge on the subject. I have FlashFoward recorded on my DVR and hope to get around to watching it here in the next couple of days.

    – Marco

  2. Anonymous
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    Well I finally got around to watching it and both my wife and I ended up really liking it and she even admitted that she wasn't expecting not to. From what I read it started out with pretty good ratings, hopefully it'll maintain them so this doesn't end up another series where they pull the plug prematurely. I guess i'll have to end up getting the book at some point also.

    – Marco

  3. Jeffrey A. Carver
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    Glad you liked it, too! It wasn't just me, then. 🙂

  4. Charlza
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    I've been watching Flash Forward…and it's keeping my attention interested. I can feel it sucking me in.

  5. Anonymous
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    Thanks for mentioning this, Jeff. I checked out the first two episodes on hulu.com and am eager to see more. Yup, good characters, good acting, good production values…all very promising.

    It reminds me a little of 'Lost' (which I didn't find out about until late in Season 5 and then watched all the back episodes in about 3 days) in that it has the potential to get very twisted in time. (The actress who plays Olivia was also in 'Lost' so maybe that's part of it too.)

    Anyway, great find, and good for Robert Sawyer. I hope this generates a lot of interest in his work.

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