Mayday! Mayday! Eternity’s End Is Running Free!

With any luck, I’ll never have to call a real Mayday—but it is May Day! I guess I’ve lost my marbles, because I’m giving away the store! That’s right, everything must go! Come and take it away! Come now, before I come to my senses! Yes, folks, I’m talking about Eternity’s End:

Eternity’s End (Tor Books)

That’s the novel that got me nominated for a Nebula, and took me so long to write, it knocked the Chaos Chronicles on their ass by so many years I had to give away free ebooks of them to remind people—no, wait wait wait wait wait—wrong script! [Dammit, who gave me that paper?]

Let’s try again. Eternity’s End is my Nebula-nominated novel about a star rigger named Legroeder who sets out in search of the lost ship Impris, Flying Dutchman of the stars. And along the way, encounters interstellar pirates and some deep-cyber romance. This book is free range, free running, cage free, up on the web for you to download for free! That’s in multi-format, DRM-free ebook format. Come catch one and take it home with you. And check out the other free ebooks while you’re at it.

Paypal donations are warmly welcomed, as always—but only if you want to, and only if you think it’s worth it.

Come check it out. Trust me, you’ll like it.

And—very important!—kudoes and thanks to Anne King, for undertaking the huge task of proofing the manuscript and wrestling the book into the many ebook formats! Thanks, Ann!

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