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All the RTF files are ready at last, for a big new release of my backlist through E-reads! If all goes well, nine of my titles should be available for purchase by mid-May through Fictionwise, Amazon Kindle Store, Sony Ebook Store, and other places where fine ebooks are sold. Many of them will also be available in paper as print-on-demand titles, under the E-reads imprint. (Not all, because the rights to some are still held by Tor.)

Some are reissues, with covers and formatting corrected from versions presently on sale, and some are all new. Included in the new are The Infinity Link, The Rapture Effect, Dragon Rigger, and Seas of Ernathe. (That last holds the record as my longest-out-of-print title.)

Speaking of print on demand, my friend Victoria sent me a link to a story in the UK’s Daily Mail, concerning a standalone print-on-demand book maker, called the Espresso Book Machine, installed in a Blackwell bookstore on Charing Cross Road for market testing. Victoria wondered when we would see these in the U.S. Well, it’s already been demoed to the U.S. bookseller trade! Here’s the scoop on the E-reads blog. And here’s what the machine looks like:

Finally—good news or bad news?—Amazon has just bought Lexcycle, the creators of the Stanza book reading software for the iPhone and iTouch. Ooh. Makes me uneasy. With Fictionwise now part of Barnes & Noble, who knows what’s going to happen?

Oh, my head.

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  1. Charlza
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    Wow, I didn’t know Lightning Source owned the Espresso. I remember seeing it in the NY Times about 2 years ago. We have a ton of books available through Lightning Source.

    I also didn’t know that Barnes and Nobles bought Fictionwise! I’ve bought a few eBooks from them over the years.

    Things are changing mighty fast. It makes planning for the future of the market nearly impossible, because the crystal ball has developed a grimy fog.

    I’m pondering an iPhone in August/September when my cellphone contract ends. I’ve seen pdfs on the Touch and they didn’t look all that bad…kind of small, but still readable.

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