Yow! You go, girl!

My daughter Lexi broke the gender gap yesterday evening by defeating her (male) opponent 13-9 in a hard-fought six-minute wrestling match, in a dual meet with Reading, Mass. She’s been part of the Arlington High School wrestling team for two years now, and it’s been a tough uphill battle, competing with boys who are both stronger and heavier (she’s underweight for her 112 pound class). This was her first varsity victory of the season, and her whole team had her (literally) up in arms afterward. She also helped turn the tide for the team, which had been trailing in the meet, but came back to win a decisive victory.

Her dad was more than a little excited, and very proud.

Throughout her wrestling experience, she’s received great support from her coaches and teammates, who from the beginning welcomed her to the mat as one of the team. (Last year, she was the lone girl on the team; this year, two more girls joined her.)

Here are some action pix!

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  1. Anonymous
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    Fantastic pictures! So nice to see a well deserved victory against a good, tough oponent. It’s a pretty proud family, including Mom, who had doubts about the whole wrestling idea at first (she’ll get hurt, she’ll get ostracized, isn’t this a little *too* physical, it’s too weird, it’s too hard, she could never compete…). Fortunately her dad was a wrestler and had an entirely different view, and she loves the sport. (yes, this is mom, i suppose i should sign up for an account but anonymous is easier)

  2. richb
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    Go Lexi! Congratulations!


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