The Infinity Link for Next to Nothing

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What with inflation, and I don’t mean cosmological inflation, $.99 really is next to nothing. Well, that’s the price right now for the ebook of The Infinity Link, complete with the new cover art and spiffed-up interior layout. Limited time only! Pretty much anywhere you like to buy ebooks.

Here’s how the ad writers at Bookbub distilled it: “Humanity is on the verge of first contact with visitors from the stars, and one woman holds the key. Is her telepathic link with the intergalactic visitors a beacon of hope, or will it spell doom for the entire human race?”

And Publishers Weekly: “A long, ambitious work, painted on a canvas as big as the solar system. The concept itself is even larger—the eventual linkup of various intelligent life forms of our galaxy, including humans, whales and several alien races. Carver carefully sets up his story and develops it in a meticulous fashion…it works very well.”

Read all about it, and choose your preferred store here! And tell the world—the whales are counting on you!

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