Congratulations to the Winners! And a Good Reminder!

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The Nebula Awards were awarded a few days ago, and congratulations to all the winners! This year’s awards were noteworthy for the first-ever presentation of the Infinity Award to Octavia Butler, basically a posthumous Grandmaster Award. During the course of the ceremony, one of the speakers—I don’t remember who, unfortunately—made a point worth remembering. And that is that writing can be a very discouraging activity; but… if your stories touch even one person in a meaningful way, change one life for the better, then it’s worth it. You’ve done a good thing. I loved hearing that.

And then, after turning off the TV at the end of the awards, I went to my computer and checked my email. And almost like a gift from Heaven, there was an email from a reader—someone in another country, in fact—I won’t use his real name, but let’s call him Neal—writing to ask how things were going with the new book, because I was his favorite writer and he always recommended my books and he really wants to know what happens next. The dovetailing of those two moments could not have been more perfect, or more affirming. So, many thanks, Neal. Readers like you are the best!

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